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Hacking Your Mac One Hinge at a Time

If you suffer from the dreaded screen sag due to a broken hinge on your iMac,¬†you’ve come to the right place!

The MacHack V2 Has Officially Been Released!

Why Choose MacHack?

Compatible with Several iMac Models

Our standard MacHacks are compatible with ALL 2012 – 2018 27″ iMacs. We can also custom build a MacHack for specific year models.

Low Cost Solution

Don’t go out and buy a new iMac just because of screen sag! Add more years to your iMac’s life with a budget friendly MacHack!

No Warranty, No Problem

If your iMac is no longer covered by the warranty, it could cost hundreds of dollars to have it fixed.

The Screen Sag Solution

Our easy-to-install MacHack is the best option when you’re dealing with the dreaded screen sag! Check out this video to see exactly how it works.

Get Your MacHack Today!

Stop the screen sag today! Get your MacHack delivered straight to your door.